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Why Demand for Photographers by Marketers is Increasing

Photographers are in demand by marketers like never before! To illustrate my point in this article, I’d like to start off with some statistics. To date, Instagram is at 300 million plus monthly active users with more than 75 million users daily, and Pinterest is as 70 million users while grabbing 41% of e-commerce traffic compared to Facebook’s 37%.

Why should you, as a photographer, care? What this means is that many Internet users are engaging on platforms that are image-based. Instagram has filters so that budding armature photographers can have a place to quickly share photos they have taken of everything from food to tourist highlights. There is even a TIME Instagram Photographer of the Year award that was won in 2014 by Matt Black.

So what does this mean for marketers who are utilizing social media for business? I sat down with Meghan Kaplan and Kevin Heimlich of The Ad Firm, an Orange County, CA Internet marketing firm, to find out!

Below are some considerations they pointed out:

1. Images are a lot easier to consume via mobile than text may be and with a higher number of people consuming content via mobile, it is no wonder that these platforms are taking off. In fact, Instagram started off as a mobile app.

2. 46% of web users look towards social media when making a purchase, so marketers have been utilizing social for some time now already. In fact, 41% of brands post one or more photos per week to their Instagram accounts. Are your competitors?

3. 93% of all human communication is non-verbal, 70% of all sensory receptors humans have are concentrated inside a person’s eye, and the brain processes up to 50% of information received by these receptors.

Not surprisingly then, visuals that go viral can boost your branding, giving you more probability of being contacted for business by up to 60% of targeted audiences. Brands are seeing 37% increase in engagements from targeted customers if an article is optimized by adding more compelling visual content.

As photographers, we have the eye for quality photo adjustments that might be needed. We are skilled at capturing emotionally compelling scenes and moments. Marketers use images and psychology to draw people in, because actions and engagements have been proven time and time again to increase with the emotional tie an Internet user feels with a particular subject or topic.

For Orange County, CA photographers, and really photographers all over, we now have an opportunity to share our passion while helping drive results. We are able to go beyond photography as a hobby and take more jobs using photography as our full-time job. There are so many of my friends who work freelance or have had trouble getting full-time work in the past, because it was viewed as a luxury to have a quality photographer on staff. For many of us, this is an exciting opportunity.


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