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When DPS Dave sent me back my photos within three weeks of me sending them my shipment, I was ecstatic to receive them in my mailbox. Right when I opened the box, I took the disc out, ran to my computer, and began to upload all of my images. I couldn’t wait to check out the great quality pictures and high-resolution images that DPS Dave promised me.

Once they opened up on my computer, I was able to look at all of the images I sent DPS Dave. The quality was impeccable on the images. I couldn’t believe the amazing resolution and color of the scanned images that popped on the screen. I was very surprised because the images I sent over were somewhat dingy and old, so I was not sure how well DPS Dave would be able to get the images to look. I was pleasantly surprised when I looked them over and found that DPS Dave was able to get them looking pristine and new. Not only did the images look amazing, but DPS Dave categorized and labeled the pictures accurately to the information I sent over to them. I had my group of vacation photos, family photos, nature photography, and pictures of me all labeled separately so I knew which images that they were. I cannot get over what a great job this photo-scanning company did.

Not only was the resolution, picture, and color quality impeccable, but DPS Dave is incredibly speedy for what they do. It only takes them 2-3 weeks to send back their customers’ pictures and slides with the new CD of transferred images. DPS Dave is an incredibly speedy, reliable, and trustworthy photo/slide scanning company.

        Overall, I am incredibly happy with the quality of service that DPS Dave gave me. They were speedy, they did a great job transferring my pictures and slides to a CD, and I am very satisfied with the organization and structure of how well my images were labeled and categorized once I uploaded them on my computer. For all of you photography or picture scanning enthusiast out there, take a look at and contact DPS Dave online or by phone. They will be fair and honest with you when sharing their price ranges as well as the high-level quality images that they will send back to you.

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