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Great Ways to Preserve Your Memories

Of course, there are plenty of ways to do this. But, seeing as this is a photography blog, I’m talking about photos. There’s so many ways to capture a moment that is soon gone forever, so why not learn how to do it the right way?

Photos are meant to be preserved, loved, and cherished. The ones that aren’t embarrassing, anyway 😉 But when people want to look back and remember specific moments, what is it that they look at? That’s right, pictures. Here are some great photography tips and a few ways to keep these moments lasting forever.

No Matter What Level of Photography You’re At, Here’s Three Ways to Get (And Keep!) Your Photos Looking Awesome:

  1. Go Digital!

I’m not talking about cameras in this one, folks, this is a preservation tip. This is a way to make your printed photos and slides turn into digital files which won’t degrade, fade, or suffer from the natural elements.

This is important to know for the pictures you have and the pictures you’re about to take. Taking your files digital is one of the best ways to edit them (hello, Photoshop!) and to keep them without worrying about fade or color degradation. Here’s the best way I’ve found to go about turning your precious memories digital.

  1. It’s All In The Camera

Many people argue that a point and shoot camera will do the trick. It does, if you’re just looking to take quick pictures, not necessarily great ones. If you have the budget for it, I’d recommend getting an SLR camera. They’re a little heftier and more to carry around, but the difference in quality is unbelievable.

Say you do have this camera, now what? The best way to get great pictures is to learn the feel of the camera. Take it into “manual” mode and learn the three elements of photography—aperture (this plays with your depth of field), shutter speed (how much light you’re letting in) and ISO (sensitivity to light). Most of all, practice, practice

  1. Now For the Photography Part 😉

Pictures can be hard to take. It’s been said that photographers “make” a photo, not take one. What makes a picture great? Sometimes, it’s honestly the ones that you’re having fun with and don’t plan for.

If you need some fresh photography tips, try these: get closer to your subject, clean up the background, use framing, and get the right color balance. All of these can make or break a picture, so try to get them down! Here are a hundred different photography tips that you might find interesting.

The Perfect Photo is Only Three Steps Away…

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